Qualified Slab Leak Inspection Services – We Detect Leaks Faster than Any Other Company in Encino!

Plumbing problems can throw a wrench into your day. At My Encino Plumber Hero, we know that unexpected problems like a leaky plumbing system can lead to frustration and uncertainty. From helping customers with minor water leak repairs to performing state-of-the-art leak inspection services, we take the time to make sure we solve your leaks once and for all.

Call Today for Electronic Leak Inspection

Finding the source of a water leak fast is our specialty. Our expert contractors have the tools and equipment to find below ground leaks fast without tearing up your basement, slab, or lawn. All of the plumbing specialists we contract with are certified and trained to use electronic equipment to find the most elusive leaks. While other companies may rely on the old search and destroy method, we prefer to take a less drastic approach.

Our customers prefer this manner too. Electronic leak detection when performed by qualified technicians is precise and inexpensive.

We Repair Slab Leaks

Do you have a slab leak? These leaks begin underneath the concrete slab that your home rests on. They can be caused by wear and tear, improper plumbing installation of pipes or appliances like water heaters, corrosion, poor water quality, and even obstructions. If you have a leak that is threatening the structural integrity of your home, it is important to make repairs right away. The longer you wait to make these repairs, it is more and more likely that you will be faced with expensive damages to your home.

Our contractors make repairs based on your individual circumstances. At My Encino Plumber Hero, we believe in customized repairs. From epoxy solutions to pipe rerouting, our contractors will work with you to find the right repair solutions that fit the problem and your budget.

All of Our Services Are 100% Guaranteed!

When you do business with our plumbing specialists, we guarantee their work 100%. If you are displeased with our water leak detection services in Encino, California or you are unhappy with the repairs made to your concrete slab, we will make it right.

Call today for a free estimate from one of our licensed, bonded, and insured contractors!